La Fortuna, Costa Rica

On my 55th birthday, I crossed "photographing the birds of Costa Rica" off my bucket list.


Stiff, sore, tired and hungry,
after two hours of horseback riding,
 we decided to dine in the local town
of Fortuna, for dinner.



Our pre-arranged transportation was running late
so Rudy, our Caballero guide, insisted that he take us into town himself. 


A stroll around the town revealed a half dozen touristy shops,
a dozen or so places to eat and guided tours galore.






The town was small, bordering on quaint. 

Though obviously they survived on tourism, it wasn't in your face. 
As in any touristy location, there was your usual made in China crap. 


But if
you dug a little deeper, there were some unique items offered at reasonable prices. 



I could have easily bought more and regret
that I didn't grab one of these wood carved faces.





Thankfully Rudy had pointed out a "must do" restaurant, La Choza De Laurel


It turned out to be an open air affair (like many of the buildings in Costa Rica). 

The evening was warm and the beer was cold so we ordered a local brew or two.





   Our waitress, dressed in traditional garb,
offered up the menu and described the $50 special. 

We were sold.

The meal here was one of the highlights of the entire trip.

The dish consisted grilled chicken, beef, pork, skewers of veggies, plantain, and potato fries. 

The huge tasty shrimped were piled up high in a freshly carved pineapple, soaked in a garlic sauce. 


We dubbed it "a low country boil, Costa Rican style". 

Most memorable $50 meal we have ever had.  




  Half way through the meal we were joined by this little fellow.
Thankfully (for him) there was enough to go around.



A month or so after we got home,
we came across a project a friend of ours is involved in.


He needs your vote to get funding to help the stray dogs of La Fortuna.

Please visit his web site and vote.

Voting closes June 30, 2013



The surrounding area is beautiful.



If anyone wants to buy property


This photo is blurry because it was taken from the back of a horse.

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