We enjoyed the evening immensely and highly recommend the experience as  one of those things we are glad we did before we die

(or move away from Florida). 

Discovery Cove Twilight Discovery

Twilight Discovery was well worth the $345 expense and we didn't even do it all. 




Unlike Disney,

the all inclusive format meant Discovery Cove

wasn't after my wallet at every turn.  It was secured in an onsite locker.

They do push the picture / video thing,

which is fair, and to be expected. 

I can only assume that the $100+ video is worth it for you video buffs.





We bought this picture for $16,

 and despite the 800+ digitals we took,

I know that this is Connie Frances' favorite.  




We passed on snorkeling the coral reef (water temp 76F) and floating along the much warmer lazy river

It just wasn't our thing but everyone doing it looked like they were having a good time.





The scenery around the property is amazing.















and so was dinner!



We went back for the main dishes a couple times despite a feeling of being pressured to head off for dessert. 





Chocolate Fondue

Caramel Fondue







The aviary was incredible!. What a picture opportunity. 

If it were a separate attraction I would happily buy an annual pass.




For me, aviary was the highlight...

despite the birds dropping on my hat.





For Connie... well just visit here

to see her up close and personal

with Yoko and Jennie.

I am sure there were other things I could have given Connie Frances for her birthday...




 but nothing would have put such a happy smile on her beautiful face.





We toast the Discovery Cove people for doing it right.

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