Green Meadows Petting Farm

Green Meadows is a large petting "farm" in Kissimmee Florida


Is it a Florida must see??? 


probably not


However, as far as petting zoo's go, Green Meadows is the real deal.  


 The farm is nicely spread out under a great canopy of live oaks that help stave off the hot Florida sun. 

Here, one of the many peacocks hangs out in the tree overhead.





Upon arrival your small group is assigned a guide, whose knowledge and love for the animals

becomes obvious as you meander slowly from pen to pen










At $22 a head, itís a bit pricey for whole family (only kids under two are free),

but if your purpose is to spend a couple hours with the kids befriending a bunch of barn yard animals

then you will get good value for your dollar at Green meadow.



The younger kids will love it





but take the teens to Universal

unless, of course,  they too like to commune with the animals.






The farm has an impressive collection.

including a zorse ( across between a horse and zebra)










water buffalo




miniature ponies









and plenty of the aforementioned peacocks






many of the pens are hands are hands on up close and personal

























We have been back a couple times to

  visit with some old friends

and make a few new ones along the way. 


You can find a buy two get one free coupon on their website





I enjoy many of the quirky garden decoration that are throughout the farm.







some of the things to do



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