A total of at least 1,084 homes and businesses in the city were damaged by Jeanne.

There were 123 structures damaged by Frances and 84 by Charlie



most trailer parks and manufactured home communities were evacuated





















Not Enough Workers, Supplies to Cover Roofs Lost in Storms

LAKELAND: The message on Dave Strickland's answering machine says it all:
"We are currently backlogged into the first quarter of 2005 . . . If you are willing to wait weeks for an estimate and months for your roof to be replaced, please leave a message. Those who are unwilling to patiently wait, please don't leave a message."

"I'd say about 50 percent of the shingle roofs in the county need to be replaced," said Strickland, owner of Dave Strickland's Roofing in Lakeland, a small residential roofing company. "We've got about 10 years worth of work to do."

"A lot of contractors are... getting 300 to 400 to 500 calls a day. Part of the problem is insurance companies are saying homeowners need to get three estimates. So these roofing contractors are chasing their tails right now.































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