Mayan Riviera, Mexico  Feb 25-29, 2008. 

OK so for my 50th birthday we packed our bag and headed to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.

The pictures that follow could have been taken by Mike, Connie or Bob. 

They are the best of the 2200 digital images we captured.

Grand Flamenco Occidental Hotel

Local Color Nature

Airports and Airplanes

Xcaret -  the park Colorful Mexico


Room With a View

Xcaret - the show 1 Playa del Carmen Iguanas

Around the Grounds

Xcaret - the show 2 Tequila Birds of Mexico

Grand Occidental Architecture

Xcaret - the show 3 Disco Night Spider Monkeys


Mayan Ruins

Photo Shoot

Mexican Plant Life

The Caribbean

Animals We Encountered

Hanging Out

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